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This 2 pack is made up of one rainbow sprinkle glitter bow with pink glitter tails and one bright pink glitter bow with handmade lollipop clay.  This twosome will be a perfect summery edition to your childs wardrobe! 


My bows are made from high quality glitter fabric sheets and they hold their shape beautifully.  There's no wobbly handcutting here- these bows are cut using my diecutting machine, meaning each one is a perfect "Dolly" shape.  These bows are firmly stuck to a crocodile clip which is lined with co-ordinating ribbon and has a silicone grip on the inside to help hold onto fine hair.   Although not made by me, the pink haired fairy is handmade from polymer clay.  As you might expect the bow with clay fairy is heavier than the one without. 


These bows are medium in size (measuring 8.5cm across, from tip to tip) and best suited to children aged 4-8 years in my opinion. 


These hairbows are not toys so please be gentle with them!  Although they are well made and sturdy, they still need to be taken care of :)


As with all of my products,  if you have another size or colour in mind, please let me know.  I'm really happy to help match a special outfit or occasion :)

2 Pk of Rainbow Sprinkle and Lollipop Clay Medium Hair Bow Clips

  • Please know that the last date for posting has passed and orders posted now will not arrive before Christmas.

    A small selection of my products are available to buy in Melchiors Gifts, Kildare Town.

    Thanks and have a great Christmas!


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